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Officials in Gonda district knowing is must if you are a responsible person. The District Magistrate, Additional District Magistrate, two or three SDMs, one Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Parishad, one Project Director of the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) and if it is tribal district, one or two Project Administrators of the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), and one Municipal Commissioner in case of an urban district

In a large undivided tribal district four to five direct recruit IAS officers might be working at any point of time. In a divisional headquarters district, the Divisional Commissioner is the senior most IAS officer holding a field posting.

Officials NameDesiginationEmailContact Info
Shri Mahendra Kumar  (IAS)Commissionercommgon@nic.inCommissioner, Devipatan Mandal, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh Mobile: 9454417498,Residence: 05262-232500
Mr. Rakesh SinghAdditional District Magistrate, Gonda Additional District Magistrate, Collectorate , Gonda Uttar Pradesh Mobile: 9454417608
Dr. Nitin Bansal (IAS)District Magistrate, Gonda
District Magistrate Office, Gonda Uttar Pradesh Mobile: 9454417537, Residence: 05262-232600
Mr. Shashank Tripathi (I.A.S.)Chief Development Officer (#CDO) Chief Development Officer,Office, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh Mobile : 9454419046, Landline :
Mr. Raj Karan Nayyar (I.P.S)Superintendent of Police (S.P.) SP Office Gonda
Mr. Rakesh Singh (I.P.S.)D.I.G, Devipatandigrgon@nic.inD.I.G , Office , Devipatan Mandal, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh Mobile: 9454400207, 05262-230777
Mr. Indrajeet PrajapatiBSA GondaBSA Office, Forvisganj Pantnagar Near RamLeela Maidaan Gonda

Function & Role of DM

The District Magistrate or the Collector is the chief executive of a district.  He is responsible for running the administration of the district smoothly and properly.  In fact, the district is the principal administration in India. The activities of the district administration practically covers a wide range and touches almost at every level the loves and activities of the people. The main task of the district administration is as such to implement programs with the active co-operation and support of the people of the district.

As a District Magistrate, the duty of the D.M. is quite heavy. He is an executive magistrate. He is the head of all magistrates (except Additional District Magistrates) within the district. It may be noted that though a District Magistrate is an official of the Executive branch and not of the Judicial branch. However, the District magistrate may be granted judicial powers by the State Government in certain circumstances.