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John Parker Showroom is in Gonda since 2016. There are two showrooms of John Parker, One is located at Lucknow road. Which is near to L. B. S Degree College, Below the Pizza House. The second one is at Peepal Chauraha.

John Parker : Latest Offers

Attitude Unlimited

“इससे सस्ता इससे अच्छा कहीं नहीं कभी नहीं “

लेकर आया है आपके शहर गोंडा में सर्दियों का गरमा -गरम तोहफा

हमारे यहाँ आपको मिलेगा

सभी वुलेन आइटम्स पर

50 %

तक की भारी छूट

तथा सभी फ्रेश अराईवल्स  जैसे  कोट -सूट , बेल्ज़ेर , जीन्स , स्वेट शर्ट, ट्राउज़र आदि पर  25 %  की भारी छूट

जल्दी करें ऑफर सीमित समय के लिए है |

About John Parker Showroom

The showroom is designed very well. It has a lot of space and the showroom owner has utilise the space very well. If you are planning to buy a branded garments, you must visit to John Parker. The staff of John Parker is very friendly. They are always ready to welcome their customers. They are also very polite and ready to find a best matched garment for you.

John Parker’s Discount Offers

These winter days, John Parker Showroom offers a big discount on winter garment collection. These offers are applicable to mostly all of their products. You may get 50% discounts on their different products. These offers are for limited time period. That’s why you should Hurry up! to visit the John Parker store.

First Store Address : Near L.B. S Degree College Chauraha, Gonda

Contact Number : +91 87 950 25 410

Second Store Address : Peepal Chauraha, Gonda

Contact Number : +91 80 523 64 269

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