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Shri Balaji Nursing Home Gonda
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Shri Balaji Nursing Home

Balaji Nursing Home, Gonda provide quality services tailored according to the needs of individual patient in an affordable and supportive manner. As we are all aware specialised services in health care have become extremely expensive. That’s why this Nursing Home taken special care in maintaining transparency and to keep the cost affordable to one and all. At the same time they extend charitable services to the needy.

Facilities At Shri Balaji Nursing Home

  • 24 hours and emergency service availabel
  • Normal Delivery and cesarean [सिजेरियन ] delivery
  • Regular checkup of Pregnancy relateded
  • Monthly Cycle related diseases,
  • Family Planning
  • And many more….


They aim at birth of healthy babies to healthy mothers and caring fathers in a warm and friendly atmosphere. To achieve this they provide good preconception counselling , proper and vigilant antenatal supervision and care right from conception till delivery.


They  provide specialist care for all types of Gynaecological problems . We aim to provide services tailored according to the needs of individual women in a supportive manner.

Doctor’s at Shri Balaji Nursing Home Gonda

  • Dr. Veena Sexena , Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
  • Dr. A. K. Sexena


Associated Doctors Dr. Veena Sexena Dr. A. K. Sexena


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24 X 7
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Cash, Card Payment

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