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Ashirwad Hospital

Ashirwad hospital, Gonda ( A unit of Ashirwad Maternity & Surgical Centre Pvt. Ltd. ) is the only ultra-modern superspecialty hospital in the Gonda district, with obs&gynae, surgery, medicine and paediatrics department. Which is totally committed to provide state-of-art facilities for the comprehensive management of maternity and child care centre under one roof.

Facilities at Ashirwaad Hospital Gonda

24 Hour pharmacy, 24 Hour Emergency Service, Semi Private Ward, Economy Ward (with Central O2 Supply), Private Room, A.C. Room (with 24 Hrs. Cable T.V. & Central O2 Supply), Shadowless Lamp,  OPTICCA – Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer, Boyel’s Trolly,गर्भ समापन केंद्र, पुरुष एवं महिला नसबंदी, कापर टी, Colposcopy (दूरबीन द्वारा बच्चेदानी में कैंसर की सम्भावना की जाँच) ICCU , ICU, C-Pap(कृत्रिम साँस देने की मशीन)


Dr. Anju Agrawal


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