Neki Ki Diwar : Wall of Goodness

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“Neki Ki Diwar ” Wall of Goodness is become so much famous since a few days in Gonda. Locally much famous as  “Neki Ki Diwar” that mean – ” Wall of Goodness”. This wall is established near to the Government Inter College, Gonda , beside the Gonda Bus Station. The slogan line of this wall is —

जो  आपके पास अधिक हो यहाँ  छोड जाये ,

जो आपकी जरुरत  का  हो ले जाये 

Neki Ki Diwar

This is established with a moto to help those people who are poor. Those who are not able to buy a cloth and other things which is very costly for them. The unique idea about the  ” Wall of Goodness” is really very well and it must be appreciated by everyone.


We recommend to our readers kindly spread the moto of   “Neki Ki Diwar” to help poor people in Gonda. You must lead this battle against poverty to help those who are in need.

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.


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